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If you don’t wanna make your own, you can always purchase from what I have in stock! I obsessively create runes in multiple styles, paint in a variety of ways on various types of canvas, and post these random things to Instagram.

If you want an item you’ve seen here or that you find on the Insta page – send me a message on Instagram and make it your own today! Every item is unique, and I also accept custom orders. I can get or make any color you’d like and if a design idea you desire is out of reach for my skills I’ll let you know.

For those that are rune purists (you know if you are or not), I am actually of Danish descent and I personally don’t appreciate your judgement against those that are interested in the art of reading the runes in all their forms. Let people explore things, what are we here for if not for sharing? Now, on to the gross bit where I ask for money in return for my artistic works – these little babies do take time and resources to create and finalize. You might not see all of the work in my videos, but it happens – I promise. 😛
Plus, who doesn’t love free shipping?


Small Paintings (Under 1 foot x 1 foot) – $30 (free shipping) per painting

Large Paintings (Over 1 foot x 1 foot) – $60 (free shipping) per painting

Bag of Elder Futhark Runes – $20 (free shipping) per bag

Bag of Witches Runes – $15 (free shipping) per bag

Custom Set of Runes up to 25 pieces -$25 (free shipping) per bag

I only accept PayPal currently. Place orders on my Instagram! Thanks for your love and support!

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